Servers Status

Welcome to THC Rusty 2x Monthly EU server  

Perfectly modded Vanilla+ server with monthly wipes!

Max Group Size: 2 Equipped with large map which is designed for players to join at any time of the month’s wipe! Full Map & BP wipe once a month of the first Thursday of every month, alongside Rust’s forced updates!

Our server is lightly modded, designed to help players get a little boost. We have extremely fast connection worldwide, hosted on a dedicated server for a low-ping, no-lag, advanced protection, hacker-free experience with full DDOS protection. We have a focus on mature and friendly gaming, toxic players are filtered out very quickly.


•  Gather rate : x2 Perfectly balanced

• Automated Group Detection (kicks players if they are detected to be more than 2)

• Perfectly balanced 2x resources, loot & scrap

• xCraft Speeds • Furnace Splitter

• Larger Stack Sizes

• Shorter Nights

• Teleportation: 3 min cooldown, 5 homes

• Voting Rewards

• Clans

• Kit

• and a careful selection of other mods for an optimized, lightly modded Rust experience!